January 20, 2012

A follow up

BW those are not teal Hotter. I painted them myself with various colours of lumiere paints and in real life more of a sea green/turquoise. They do have quite a few navy shoes in at the moment?  Plus if you go to an outlet store such as the ones in Gretna and Morecambe they can be purchased for around £30. If the colour isn't you you can always paint them with acrylics as I have done.The colour stays on with the lumeires and they polish beautifully with a clear shoe cream. There is also the added advantage that you can always change the colour at a later date. None of mine were anything like the colours they are now.
Ashling, good to see you comment. The link to the Cyberslam poetry is here
cyberslam poetry for brigid
Today is a day of promise. A day for creativity I think. Will it be writing, knitting, spinning or something else?
Who knows ? I await the Muse

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Blue Witch said...

The trouble with t'inter is that it doesn't do colours properly!!! I thought you'd pearlised over the top of the teal... sorry!

You have a Hotter outlet store near you? I may just send you a list!!!! I didn't know that Hotter even had outlet stores. Wish there was one in the outlet village (city) near us. All they sell there is grot which some people travel miles (and on coach tours) to buy just because it's meant to be cheap.

Tidying for me again today... have fun with whatever you deide!

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