January 19, 2012

Colour me a rainbow

Sometimes we need a little more colour in our lives. It helps to counter the darkness of the days at this time of year. I don't know what it is like with you but the past 7 weeks  we have had around 4 days of sunshine and no rain. The rest of the time it has rained at least part of each day.

 So I thought you might like to see some of the colour I've been surrounding myself with. 2 shawls done in lace weight mohair, kid merino from Crystal palace to be exact. Both also beaded another new technique for me and one I found extremely difficult with my joint problems. I do like the finished shawls though and they are so light it is unbelievable. They also fit through my wedding ring:)
The next ones may seem a little odd.
I have lots of trouble getting shoes to fit with my joint problems ,again.  One of my legs and foot is extremely swollen all the times and normal she's are difficult to find. That is one of the reasons I have my rainbow boots. But look what I found in Hotter, shoes that fit and are extremely comfortable. I purchased several pairs as I had vouchers from family which helped with the cost. The last Hotter shoes I had finally wore out after around 13 years so if these are anything like it will be money well spent. I can't tell you how fantastic it is to have comfortable shoes that even look good. They weren't these colours when I purchase them though.
I thought a coat of lumiere paints would brighten them up and they have.
 What do you think?
 Is this a BW blue do you think?
 I wasn't too sure so did a couple of pictures of this pair to check it out.
I can very rarely have shoes with straps with my fat leg and foot so I feel like a child in a sweetshop wearing these.
Wouldn't you?
So what else has been going on chez Moggies?
Mr Mog has been busy constructing his model railway and it looks good. We now have a timber yard on there and coal place. I think he actually prefers the landscaping and the building to running trains and why not?
We are going to York next week and one of the first places to visit will be the National Rail Museum. Mr Mog has never been to York despite being a bus /coach driver so a first for him. We were supposed to be going before Yule but had to cancel due to the virus I had.  I haven't been in 20 odd years but hope it is as good as it used to be. If anyone has any suggestions of places to visit please do let me know.
The week after next is the decision time oncology appointment. If Mr Mog's PSA is up again then they want to do a bone scan/mri etc to see where it is and if it has spread any more. If it has then chemo awaits. As you can imagine we are both working on positive energy that the PSA hasn't risen and that he can stay on the present 2 sets of medication. All positive energy received gratefully.

It is getting time to do a ritual cleanse of the house and boundaries, brushing away all negative energies and making space for positive spring energy to find its way here. Checked I have sufficient frankincense and lemon for the job. I will do it shortly before Imbolc then the new awakening seeds of creativity have somewhere to grow. I've already seen my first snowdrops, really early this year. Normally I have to scout around trying to see them for Imbolc itself, not this year they are all coming up already.
There is something truly magical and encouraging about snowdrops . Year after year they work their way to the surface through the worst of winter and shine like a beacon of hope .
And it is almost time for this,  

Annual Cyberspace Poetry Slam for Brigid

 will you be participating? I will again and I love following all the links to  poems in honour of Brigid.


Ashling said...

I'm new to your blog and most curious for details about the cyber slam for Brigid, please...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those shoes ROCK! Yes, I plan to participate (for the first time) in this years Cyberspace Poetry Slam for Brigid.

Leanne said...

glad to hear you are both ok. Ive never been to York so looking forward to your report! Your shawls are so lovely Amber, so ethereal and delicate. and cool customising of your shoes!!!

Leanne xx

Blue Witch said...

No, don't be silly, that's Hotter Teal (but, I do have a pair in that colour - it's a bugger to get shoe cream for though - had to buy it online eventually, and it's called Amazon Green and not teal - time Hotter did shoe cream for all its weird colours methinks) ;)

Hotter soes are the best quality I have ever bought - and they're made in the UK. I just wish they'd do navy again in the styles I like. Oh, and, size 8.5 - the only half size they don't do. My 10 year old ankle boots are disintegraating where sole meets upper and Mr BW says he can't repair them any more *sobs*.

Gorgeous, gorgeous shawls (and the left one is definitely BW Blue). I don't know how you do it.

We've only had two day's rain since the FOTCR™ here. But, it's mostly grey and mild and nondescript. Not creatively inspiring.

As ever, sending lots of healing positive energy northwards.

Very Lazy Daisy said...

Lovely to see you back and love those shoes! Sending positive thoughts your way regarding Mr. Mogs PSA.

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