January 29, 2012


Whatever path we follow we all have rituals. They may be something simple such as the morning routine of get up, shower etc.
They may be complex magical rituals involving hours of preparation.
They may just be a necessary thing on a traumatic day

I have always taken socks to knit to Mr Mogs hospital appointments. I started when he first had radiotherapy and have continued through the years of checkups. It doesn't feel right not to have a sock on The needles.
I always felt that the continuing good news was helped by my maintaining a ritual sock knit.
Tomorrows appointment is a little (a lot) more traumatic than usual.
If the psa has risen at all then a decision needs to be made regarding mri scans, bone scans and the like.
Then if those results confirm the psa score a decision on chemo. All a little if and if but I prefer that. It isn't cut and dried there is hope and there is positive thinking.

Part of that positive thinking involves this little ritual of sock on needles.
An easy enough ritual for a person to carry out

All positive thoughts welcomed please as always


Ashling said...

Rituals are comforting, create a foundation , are a touchstone when we're lost...and they are magic. Knit your socks and lots of positive thoughts go your way, even though we're strangers.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

May the Force of the Socks be with you tomorrow!

Blue Witch said...

May the news be good.
Thinking of you both.

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