January 19, 2010

A week is a long time in nature

A week is a very long time in nature. Or it can be.

You remember the pictures I posted last week of the park full of snow? This was the scene on Sunday when we ventured there once more.
Not a drop of snow or ice to be seen thankfully,leaving it clear for walkers, wheelchairs and the little ones in prams.

Lots of new growth on trees and shrubs.

It is surprising how much growth when you think of all the snow we have had and the very cold temperatures.
Doesn't stop Lady Nature from doing her stuff. Just look at these buddleia sprouting.
New buds everywhere we looked.

If you look closely at the picture below it shows a tiny mouse hole, the reason I saw it was that we heard the rustling and when we glanced down there was the entrance to the mouse's den. Mr Mog left him some food and then we left quietly so as not to disturb him any more.
The view through the tree branches is much nicer now that the buds are coming through.
Then I have some more knitting to show you.
Another Felicity hat, this one is for me. A mixture of one thread of mohair and 1 dk unknown.
Very warm and almost felted, perfect for this time of year.
I used needles a little smaller than necessary to get a very close knit fabric. Nowhere for the draughts to get through.
I'm finally getting a new mobile phone. The one I have is ancient and is giving up the ghost. It doesn't keep a charge any longer and the cost for a new battery is more than a new phone costs. The new one is one of the touch screen ones, unlike the old one which has a flip top to keep the screen safe. Why have they stopped making these? Far safer to have a cover surely?
I digress. As it is a nude screen I thought it ought to have some kind of protection, and to keep it warm in the cold weather:)
I used the remains of the hat yarn to knit a phone cosy. The yarn cord is to help find it in the depths of my bag.
Spinning is great fun and I don't think I've shown you these finished yarns.

Firstly Falkland tops in Woodland colourway from Mandacrafts. This is organic green yarn, grown with no pesticides, chemicals or the like which I heartily approve of. This is my first attempt at Navajo plying to keep the colours true. Not easy to do but worth trying. 2 skeins 100g in total. No idea on yardage as the yarn measure didn't cooperate while skeining this.
This is my Yule gift from Laal Bear. 100gm of Bluefaced Leicester. 178yards. Luscious colours.
This is Lime Green Jelly bluefaced Leicester from a ravelry destash. 100gm 214yards. Lovely colour , unfortunately the destasher omitted to mention she stored her fibre in moth balls. Not good for an asthmatic and despite washing, conditioning it still has a residual smell. Methinks I need to ask how fibre is stored if I do this again.

Several people have asked if I am accepting donations for this fourth year of hospice knitting, yes I am thank you:) If you would like to donate fibre for my project it will be very gratefully received. Just fibre this year thank you as I intend to spin and knit each item for the hospice.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Gorgeous yarn! Hope your coccyx pain has significantly subsided by now!

Roobeedoo said...

Your new hat is a fab colour and looks very warm. Yes, it is shocking to think only a few days ago I was knee-deep in snow! This morning there was just a thin crust of ice on the farm road.

CJ Kennedy said...

We won't see buds until mid-March. Your phone cozy made me laugh. I just got a new touch screen phone too.

artyfartykat said...

Isn't it amazing the speed at which the snow disappeared? Everything looks so dark now after all that whiteness!
Love the hat and fone cover, they will keep you both snug!x

Nettles said...

Love the phone cosy! And I. Want. That. Hat. More reasons to properly learn to knit this year methinks. Instead of just coming here to drool.

Can't believe the transformation in the landscape there! That was quick!

laoi gaul~williams said...

its great to be able to get out and about a bit more isnt it?!
here the birds are singing louder than ever and even peeking into our bird houses!

i love that yarn...makes my mouth water and want to get my needles out :)

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