January 08, 2010

and still the land is white

And still the land is white and the frost and ice grow deeper and harder by the minute.
It hasn't thawed at all around us but we do at least have the main roads clear which is a bonus.

We managed to get out today for some much needed fresh air especially in my case. We went to the local park.
As you will be able to tell from these pictures it is a winter wonderland.
Always seems strange to me to see the seaside so white, normally the salty sea air keeps the snow away or melts it speedily.
Despite the heavy snow there are signs that the lady is wakening from her winter sleep. These catkins danced in the frosty air.
On some trees you couldn't see if there were buds or not. Just snow, more snow.
We took food for the creatures of the park, they still need to eat. We melted some suet and added various seeds and some bird crumble mix we were given for Yule, poured it into ramekins that were lined with cling film. Mr Mog placed these on the front step while we had breakfast and by the time we were ready to go to the park they were firm and cold. The smaller birds will appreciate these. We also took monkey nuts (peanuts in their shells) and sunflower seeds for the squirrels and larger birds.
The ponds were well frozen and no sign of the ducks.
There had been a few creatures walking across the ice though as you can see:)
It would appear that the forecast is for more of the same this weekend (sigh)

I can't see us getting very far at all. But as long as I can get out to the park at least then it is enough to quash the cabin fever:)
To be honest when it looks as beautiful as this then the park is perfect for us. It gives fresh air, beauty and a sense of well being from the sights and sounds.
When the country seems to be held to ransom by extreme weather it does make you realise that the Goddess and her consort are not averse to showing their power after all. We are but a part of the land, not the main reason for it and this shows us so.
Man may think he is clever but the Lady Nature is far superior to him:)
Not many people about either, mainly dog walkers and one party of toddlers and their carers, I suspect from a nursery.
I do love the peaceful scenes of nature's beauty, untouched by us.
Winter wonderland indeed.
There has been knitting at the Moggie household. I wanted to make Mr Mog some more socks as several pairs of his are wearing out fast. Sadly much as I love hand dyed yarn unless it has added nylon or mohair or acrylic then socks wear out much more speedily than commercial ones.
These hopefully won't because (gasp) the yarn was an acrylic, mohair,wool mix.
It seemed only right to photograph them against the snow outside.
Do you like?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those socks look gorgeous against the fresh white snow!

Blue Witch said...

Wonderful pics, thank you for taking time to post them.

I haven't been out of the house/garden since 1st January, such are the treacherous conditions here. Our elderly neighbour needs some things (which we don't have or we'd share) but how he thinks we can get out to get them I have no idea! Only 2 pints of milk left from our usual freezer stash too, and no let-up in sight...

Leanne said...

Finally blogger is letting me into comment, I have trouble on dial up.
Here in NZ it is summer soo amazing seeing your winter wonderland - where I live we never get snow. It looks sooo beautiful.

Love Leanne

Sea said...

walking dogs ain't so easy, as mine are both smal terriers. They are lower to the ground and have more feet. They almost pull me over.
The park looks beautiful.

Lynn said...

Oh Amber,what lovely snowy pictures. I'm so glad you got out for a bit. I was worried that maybe it woulld still be too slippery for you. The socks are lovely and one of my intentions for 2010 is to learn to do socks. Thanks to you, I am still going to give it a go.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

My street is still like an ice rink and the only vehicles that can negotiate the hill are the 4 x 4. I am too afraid of slipping and haven't been outdoors in almost 2 weeks.
Luckily I have young neighbours who are willing to bring me bread and milk.
I agree with you about the socks. Much as I love the feel and look of handspun wools I must be heavy footed as I wear holes in them quick time.I never wear holes in socks with an acrylic mixed in so like you this kind of wool is my preference from now on.

Probably Jane said...

Hurrah for a man who loves colourful socks!

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