January 27, 2010

Today the sky smiled

It started out a grey dark mizzly day with intermittent rain. I saw no end to it even at 3 this afternoon.
But now, as the clock strikes 5pm, the sky is transformed.
Indigo blue with bands of red and vivid orange shading to gold.Some highlights of crimson, scarlet and magenta. The moon has risen and she shines down upon the beauty of the evening display.
I feel a lifting of tension, a lightening of worry. A giddy feeling occasioned by this simple pleasure of looking through the window.
Such colours I could never hope to reproduce with dye and fibre but I'll try some day as a shawl shaded dusk with moon highlights would be beautiful.
A magical shawl to take you into the night, to warm and encourage all endeavours.
A simple thing made from skies of mystery.
Who knows what magic could be made when wearing such a shawl? What places the mind could travel wrapped in threads of light and dark.
What energies could be spun within the yarn made from colours such as these?
To sit with coloured fluff and turn it into yarn so bright, so deep, so special.
As the wheel turns to twist the threads I need it twists in strands of stories not yet heard or seen.
A promise of a journey through landscapes new and old, seeing the path with eyes wide open.

Following a silver thread uncoiling before us as we walk.

The time at dusk and dawn is when the veil is thinnest. It is when we can glimpse the mysteries that lie all around us should we chose to see .

If only a fraction of these colours could be copied they would still bring all the magic with them.


Sea said...

The sky was beautiful. What a pity it had been brought about by a biting wind

Suzi Smith said...

Mmm... you paint such a wonderful journey through this shawl yet to be born....

FairiesNest said...

Beautiful description!! (and I love the word "mizzly"!)

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