January 28, 2010

Today was bl00dy

Today I tried to amputate my finger.
Not intentionally I hasten to add.
I wanted to chop some garlic and the skin was tough to say the least. The garlic bounced and the knife cut into the side of my finger by the nail bed:( Extremely painful.
I thought I had got away without blood but after some seconds it started to well up.
Not easy to type with plaster on.
I've been knitting on something new the past few days, a neck warmer that reminds me of a Victorian collar.
All my own handspun:)
Pictures when it is finished.
Tomorrow we go up to visit the aged parent and see how she is doing. I am hopeful that the doctors will have done a mental assessment and that we can move towards getting her into a care home. Somewhere she will have constant care and where she won't be rattling round in a large house with steep stairs.

Spinning is going well, I am still spinning 4ply to DK weight yarn. Haven't tried to spin finer yet as I can't see me wanting to knit laceweight.
Neither have I tried to spin thicker yet, that I do want to do as I prefer thicker yarn for knitting with.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

All I can say is: OUCH! Hope you heal up soon.

Blue Witch said...

Yow! Don't go getting blood on the wool will you? ;)

Does MIL own her own home? Good luck if so, the fun is about to start...

laoi gaul~williams said...

ohh i winced as i read this!

Antoinette said...

yowser! *shudders*. That would be smarting something fierce.

Hope all goes well with the aged parent. So sorry to hear that this is all happening.

On the knitting front: I'm trying to get the ol' courage up to try my hand at knitting a cardigan (hooded) for my girl. May possibly be overly ambitious.

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