January 01, 2010

Honest Blogger award

I was awarded this some time ago by my dear friend Pixie:). I would now like to pass it on to a person who I think embodies everything this post says. Laal Bear, if you read her latest post you will see why I am awarding her this.
And what is this award? I will repeat here what Pixie so aptly said.
Honest Blogger award because SHIfT HAPPENS.
As honest bloggers we:

(Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Add To...As You Wish)

* Speak our truth from the heart and tell it like it is.

* Share openly and honestly our true feelings without fear of judgement, Blame or shame.

* We write to share our achievements so others can also share our joy.

* We write about our bad times too, knowing that the love and support of others is around us and perhaps heal another’s pain in the process..

*We are human beings will real feelings and emotions and REFUSE to hide behind a mask.

* We dare to be different

* We are Free Spirits

* We realise that by spilling out, we lighten our load.

* We acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses and don't see them in terms of success or failure.

* We laugh together and cry together

* We are all following our own journey in our own unique way

* Above all else, we may lie on the floor, screaming and kicking, or feel like life is collapsing around us once in a while….but at the end of the day, we drag ourselves up, dust ourselves off and rise to fight another day.

There is no obligation to pass this on but Laal Bear I salute you and your honesty.

1 comment:

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh my a well deserved award~the poor dear soul. glad you were there to give much needed support

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