April 26, 2009

Wonderwool part 1the journey long

It was Wonderwool this weekend at the showground in Builth Wells. Last year we didn't manage to make it due to it being held 2 days after Mr Mog completed his radiotherapy. This year we were determined to go. A great chance to meet up with online friends and a possible chance for stash enhancement:)
This blog post is being split into 3 parts as it is quite long and full of pictures.
This covers the first part of the journey. I had never been to Builth Wells or the area, the nearest being to Welshpool and then on to Colinette Yarns.

I really enjoyed the journey down to the showground. The weather was kind to us and apart from roadworks near Newtown we did pretty well.

We decided to stop off for lunch at Lion Quay on the Llangollen canal. We both love the canal very much and also enjoy the lion Quay. Good food and lots of boats to watch -perfect. The grounds are full of colour, like this magnolia bush. Isn't that a great colour of pink?

Brides bouquet or spirea.
lots of boats,all narrowboats and not a cruiser to be seen. We do prefer narrowboats, maybe because we lived on one?

We had a delicious lunch, here you see the remains of mine, I suddenly thought I'd take a picture. It was rib eye steak with onion marmalade and stilton on foccacia. I only left the tortilla chips, I don't like them. Oh and the cucumber.

Have you seen the name of this boat? Ursula, it had to be photographed for a dear friend of mine:)
The bar/restaurant entrance to Lion Quay taken from the canalside table.
the moorings by the hotel.

After our lunch it was back on the journey to Builth.
Some fabulous primroses by the road side, sadly the picture marred by rubbish:(
Lush green trees all around us.
Almost at Welshpool when we saw this truck.

Just look at those hills
Lots of birds nesting on the journey and we also saw, but I didn't manage to capture, mistletoe. Clumps in the trees on the side of the road.
We went to the showground first to see where things were and to chat to stall holders setting up. Then it was off to stay with a very kind raveller and her husband. We had never met them before but Rebekah had seen my post asking about budget accommodation in the area for Wonderwool and very kindly invited us to stay with them. What a lovely couple and how kind they were to us. Rebekah had cooked an incredible meal to welcome us to her home and offered wine when we first turned up. I feel so lucky to have met so many people through the internet and especially through Ravelry but Rebekah and David have to rate high on the list. An added plus point was their having a cat:) I miss the company of a feline friend so it was great to see theirs.
Sadly due to awful ill health we had to curtail our stay with them but more on that later.
Thank you Rebekah and David for sharing your home with us. Don't forget, you are welcome here any time.
to be continued....
Stay tuned for the next instalment which covers stalls.

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