April 13, 2009


I have a book by J Ruth Gendler, the book of qualities. A delightful book and I've owned it for quite a few years now. I used to open it each morning at a random page and read the quality that was there. I stopped for a long while. Maybe I didn't need it at the time?
This morning I found the book again while searching for a bird book. I thought I'd start the morning readings again and as there was a marker in the book I decided that was the first reading. I give you:-

Joy drinks pure water. She has sat with the dying and attended many births. She denies nothing. She is in love with life,all of it, the sun and the rain and the rainbow. She rides horses at Half Moon Bay under the October moon. She climbs mountains. She sings in the hills. She jumps from hot spring to the cold stream without hesitation.
Although Joy is spontaneous, she is extremely patient. She does not need to rush. She knows that there are obstacles on every path and that every moment is the perfect moment. She is not concerned with success or failure or how to make things permanent.
At times Joy is elusive - she seems to disappear even as we approach her. I see her standing on a ridge covered with oak trees and suddenly the distance between is feels enormous. I am overwhelmed and wonder if the effort to reach her is worth it. Yet, she waits for us. Her desire to walk with us is as great as our longing to accompany her.
Why did this seem appropriate today? It mentions half moon bay and there is one just down the coast from us. A message for me it seems:) The figure above is one I decorated for Ostara a few years back. Hope you like her.

This was a doll I did for a black and white doll swap a few years back and I thought she represented well the balance I strive for.
This seascape was done with my hand dyed fabrics and threads. I love the peace of it.
I do recommend the book of qualities. It is such a whimsical, thought provoking book.


scarletti said...

I love your seascape and I'm sure I can see a mermaid in pink laughing in the waves.

Blue Witch said...

I haven't heard of that book, and sadly our county library service hasn't either. I fancy the 'Notes on the Need for Beauty' one too.

Love the seascape - is it felted or stitched?

in case you don't know about the free online textile workshops starting this week, I've put up a post about them.

debg said...

what lovely thoughts and sentiments

Sue Simpson said...

Ohhhh noooo! Not another book! I NEED this book...or at least thats how I can justify spending yet more money on something I thought I could do without... But Ambermoggie... I NEED it.... you believe me don't you???? lol.
Bluewitch, I bought it on Amazon, check it out and also Ebay perhaps.
Thanks for sharing as always A.M.
Bright Blessings,
Sue xxx

debg said...

I thought this was lovely, so checked out Amazon where a "good" used copy was available for £1.94 + p&P from the US. I can't wait for it to arrive.

Blue Witch said...

Sue - cheaper on Book Depository though - and the service and delivery speeds are *much* better than Amazon :)

Georgina said...

That post was.........Delicious!! Thank you!

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