April 18, 2009

Tulips again and shawls

I can't resist taking pictures of tulips at the moment. I think it is a combination of their vivid colours and the effect of the sunshine on them. I'm not going to apologise because I like them and they have a feel good factor for me.
So here you go with the latest ones.
This first one is almost like a rose with the many petals unfurling.
As is this one, such a deep red.
My colour:)
The ones grown in tubs seem to have done as well as the ones grown in the ground thankfully.

Yesterday we went to a wedding in Cumbria, it was a lovely day only spoilt by the hotel getting their food timing totally wrong. Wedding was 11.30am and we were supposed to eat at 1.30pm. It was after 2.30 when we sat down as they didn't have everything ready. Meal was ok when it arrived but it was nearly too late for eating. We hadn't had any food from early morning and if I'd known there would be a delay we would have taken some fruit or something to put us on. Add the delay to a dazzley day and I was pretty light headed when the food turned up. No matter, the bride looked radiant, the day was sunny and we captured a picture of our first May flowers for this year in the hotel grounds.

Aren't they splendid?

I've finished another shawl as you can see. Hand painted mohair.

Shawl #1 This is the latest finished one. Handpainted mohair. Measures approx 78" across by 36" deep. Very light and floaty as you can tell from the next picture.

Shawl #2. Next we have a mohair,mohair boucle mix shawl.
A close up of the colours , it is hard to photograph the shawls .
It measures approx 70" x 30" and also could be blocked larger.

Shawl #3 measures approx 66" x 30" and is a heavy knit mohair with mohair boucle. Almost chenille or velvet feel to it and very warm
Close up of colour bands.
Shawl #4 fire shawl Very large 98" x 45" unblocked so would go much larger, probably near to floor length. Very stunning in shades of red and orange mohair
here you can see the colour bands.

Shawl #5 80" x 49" unblocked, would go larger. Mixture of assorted shades of purple mohair.

close up of colours

All yarns are handpainted/hand dyed


debg said...

I am glad you enjoyed the wedding, but I know that waiting around afterwards can be a pain, especialy for you as you have been feeling poorly. I am glad you were well enough to go. My favourite shawl would be number 6 (beaded midnight), followed by number 4, then number 3. If they have not been sold, could you please let me know the price? Many thanks
PS beautiful flowers as usual!

Sue Simpson said...

OK Ambermoggs.... bags I number 1 number 1. I think it would go really nice with the thin, pixie dress in lavender with slashes or cerise pink and purple dress that I wore yesterday.... and it would have just kept that slight breeze off nicely. too late for the Wedding, but I DO intend to wear the dress again.
Email me the cost and I'll get the cash in the post prompt.

Love Sue xxx

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