April 16, 2009

Of socks flowers and stuff

I have been knitting the second sock in the spring colours. I decided it would perhaps be best not to knit mohair as my chest was so fragile. I didn't knit on Tuesday night and felt totally out of kilter. I am so used to sitting of an evening with knitting to hand while I peruse a book or watch a film. It was so strange to be empty handed. I thought if I wore gloves and had a go with the sock it might be ok. It was as you can see:)

Here the socks dance on the branches of the rosemary bush and look there are flowers already. This is a good representation of the sock colour. The yarn was specially dyed by the lovely Artis Anne. You must check out her etsy shop Mam a Mi for other lovely yarns and batts with wonderful Welsh names.
Another view on the buddleia bush which is coming along nicely. Soon have plenty of butterflies and bees on here I hope. We have had quite a few bees in the garden already. I love the different ones we get. We have had a few solitary ones and several big honey bees.

While photographing the socks these tulips were demanding their turn in the limelight.
Can you tell I love tulips?
These next ones were from Lidl and are British tulips again.
Such rich colours , this one reminds me of anemones.
As I had finished the spring socks early last night it seemed only right to cast on another. This yarn is Regia 6ply.

Bright and cheery to knit with.
Another close up of the tulips for you.
I have had to return to the doctor today as the chest infection/asthma lingers on. I'm now on more (stronger) antibiotics for a chest infection as it seems it hadn't gone away when the asthma came calling but was just hiding. I've also got emollient cream for the hand/foot rash.
I need to get well as it is Wonderwool next weekend and we are both looking forward to it. It will be enjoyed much more if I am not wheezing at every movement. Positive thoughts please.


Rosie said...

Positive thoughts coming your way and I'm sure those gorgeous socks will have put a spring in your step. See you at Wonderwool (I'll be there on the Saturday)

florencemary said...

Definitely sending you all the positivity I can muster! I think you're owed that considering all the lovely plants and colours you've shared in this post!

Hope you're feeling better very soon...

debg said...

beautiful tulips (they don't ahve such lovely ones at our local Lidl) and wonderfrul verdant sock yarn. Get well soon

Roobeedoo said...

Lots of positive thoughts! Lovely spring greens!

scarletti said...

Gorgeous colourful post. Brilliant images. I've nominated you for n award too, if you want to pop over to my blog.

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