August 20, 2008

Zebras in the house and a trip to a watermill

I'm nearly finished with another pair of hospice socks. These are zebras and it makes a change knitting with black and white yarn.
Mr Mog visited the doctor on Monday and he has arranged for a full set of blood tests next Wednesday .Hopefully this will reveal the cause of the excessive tiredness and also why Mr Mog is so emotional. There aren't any alternative forms of the hormone tablets. It would seem to be those or back on the monthly injections which made Mr Mog much worse. Oh joy:(
Yesterday saw us visiting Little Salkeld watermill near Penrith and what a delight it was. Not only a fully operational watermill but a delicious organic tearooms as well. The watermill, is from the 1700s and has been restored very sypathetically. It is surrounded by spectacular scenery and the Settle to Carlisle railway line passes close by.
Lots of hens and ducks count it as their home also. The food is all made fresh on the premises and in fact while partaking of a meal you can watch them baking bread and other goodies. Mr Mog and I had green pea soup with mint and lemon which was very tasty. This was accompanied with 4 different types of bread and a pot of butter. Half the bread was still warm and all of it was very yummy. Add to this a pot of tea(leaf tea) for Mr Mog and a cafetiere of coffee for me and we were full.
We took away 2 different types of the organic flour for breadmaking.
At around an hour away from us it wasn't too far to travel. We called in at Larch House nursery on the way back but didn't see any must haves in the plant line.
You will notice there aren't any photographs of our visit, that is because we forgot to take the camera with us. We will be going back when the flour runs out so pictures then. I do urge you to check out the website though, it is worth it.
Tomorrow is my birthday, 56 already. Where did the years go to? We are going into Lancaster to meet up with DD and our 2 grandsons. Nothing else planned yet. Friday weather permitting we are going to go for a train ride along the coast from Lancaster to Whitehaven as there is a special rate Lakes rambler that allows you to travel twixt Lancaster and Workington by train, use any lake district bus and take a steamer ride on Windermere. All this for the price of £15 or £10 with appropriate rail cards. The train journey will do for us as we have long wanted to take the coast trip.


RooKnits said...

I've been there and agree that it was great. The mill is amazing, as is the guy who gave us a tour. We had yummy scones and also took away lots of flour.

RooKnits said...

PS. Happy Birthday!

Brahdelt said...

Happy birthday! *^v^*
I know it's tomorrow but who said you cannot celebrate it for more then one day around the date! ^^
I haven't been leaving any comments lately on your blog but I'm a regular reader, admiring your pairs of socks and shawls that appear one by one. I enjoyed reading about your trip to a watermill, I wish one day I travel to a place where I buy the bread flour from, I hope for a similar experience. ^^
Have fun tomorrow and for the rest of your life, yikes! *^v^* And hugs for Mr. Mog!

Anonymous said...

I visited that mill with my then boyfriend back in 1982 or 83. He was the son of a water miller and could have chosen to go into the family business.

I eventually decided that he wasn't the one. Too many forced trips round mills I think - and, although we could see the potential in doing similar things with his family watermill, it was too early in the 'natural movement' for us to have made any money.

Still - good to see that the same people still have that one.

Happy Birthdya and hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. Sounds like just the trip.

Angeluna said...

Hope Mr. Mog gets to feeling better. It is worrisome. Love the Zebra socks.

Marianne said...

That's a great and fun sock!
Sounds like a wonderful day spent at that mill! It all sounded so yummy.

A very happy birthday, dear Amber. Sounds like a fabulous day and weekend to come!

maylin said...

Have a very wonderful day - you are only 6 months older than me and if it wasn't for my body I still feel like a teenager! I sent something and ope it arrives in time, but if not it should be there by the weekend.

Hugs to you and Mr Mog.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Happy Birthday Amber - 56? A mere slip of a girl. 6yrs behind me and I feel back in my prime since my op. There will be lots more birthday for us to celebrate in the future.

Sorry to hear that Mr Mog isn't too well. I hope that the blood tests come up with some answers.

It sounds like you had a great day out at the watermill. Glad that you enjoyed it and fingers crossed that the weather will be good enough for you to take that train ride.

Roobeedoo said...

What a lovely day!
Happy birthday!

Joy said...

I love the zebra sock :-)

The mill sounds a lovely place to visit.

I do hope Mr Mog feels better soon.

And Happy Birthday :-)

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