August 24, 2008

Pansies among thesage and chrysanths(socks of course)

The pansy socks are finished and I am pleased with them. I love the colours of the yarn and how it knit up.
Yarn details:Laal Bear pansy sock yarn purchased from Woolfest
Needles 2.5mm, 1st sock on 4 DPNs 2nd sock on magic loop circular knitpicks harmony. Second sock far quicker than first, I love the magic loop method of sock knitting:)
So another pair for the hospice year of socks.
I've now cast on for a pair for Mr Mog using the rainbow yarn I dyed at Artis Annes. Watch this space.


Cinders said...

Like your socks and i love your dyed yarns esp the rainbow one.

Anonymous said...

You knit so quickly and really put me to shame. I envy your output!! ;-)

Joy said...

Amber, your hand dyed yarns are lovely. After my recent workshop, I am becoming more and more drawn to dyeing.

And more socks! I am speechless, you are so prolific at these. And they are lovely too.

Laal Bear said...

Love the socks . Ursula xx

Artis-Anne said...

They do look so pretty

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