August 05, 2008

Magic loop sock and Rav probs

Ta daa, the first sock I've ever done by magic loop:) Almost finished and Anne you were right it is easy to use 1 needle instead of 4.
I couldn't find any online instructions for doing the heel so I worked it out myself and so far it seems right. Very proud of this:)
Ravelry problems seem to be connected to Virgin for some reason. I did ring them last night and the girl I spoke to tried to get the site and just said it was down. However after hearing from Casey(code monkey) and various other folks in the UK it seems to be solely a virgin problem. Was able to get on earlier so we will see this evening when the problems seem to be.
A long day yesterday , we went to see Mr Mog's ancient parent and a meet up with friends who have just moved back here from France.
We had lunch with them at a place that used to be fabulous but of course we haven't been there for around 10 months. Guess what it has changed hands and is up for sale again. The food was terrible and the coffee worse. Shame as we had recommended it for our friends.
Don't you just hate it when things change for the worse?
But the journey through the lakes was great, views very clear and it did lift both our spirits.


Helen said...

Me again, I'm with Virgin and I'm having no problems - it could still be a problem in your area, but just to let you know.

Artis-Anne said...

Yipeeee you got it :) nowyou will be even faster doing your socks but most importantly it will be so much easier on your joints :)
Sorry to hear that your day didn't live up to expactations and yes nothing stays the same does it ? !!!(apart from good friends :))

Anonymous said...

I love magic loop now, although I need some more fixed circs so I can do more.

And to let you know, the yarn arrived this morning! Thanks for all the extras! I love the colours of the Wollmeise!

LizzieK8 said...

Nice looking socks.

I'm a ML novice, too, and haven't bothered to figure out the heel yet. I just start the flap with DPNs and use them to pick up the sts and then transfer back to ML.

ML is so much faster I hate to slow down by researching and relearning to do the heel.

I'm a convert, tho I never thought I'd give up my DPNs.

MandellaUK said...

Your sock is coming along really nicely, isn't it?

I feel such an outsider when it comes to magic loop. I've tried it a couple of times but just can't get comfortable with it, so I scurry back to my dpns. Perhaps one day the penny will drop.

Priestess~Harper said...

Hurrah! Welcome to the Magic Loop brigade! :) BTW have you received your envelope yet?

Steph said...

We're using Virgin too and I haven't been able to get the site to load for a few days now. Sigh.

Pat said...

I'm also on Virgin (unfortunately) but not having any problems with Ravelry.

I really must try that magic loop method. I've been putting it off because it looks complicated. I really should stop being a big girls blouse and give it a go.

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