August 21, 2008

Birthday suprises:) and zebra socks finished

Wow did I have a great mail birthday today:)
Lots and lots of cards, email and rav greetings by the dozen and presents:)) A wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.
We went into Lancaster this morning to meet up with my daughter and grandsons for coffee and cake. A trip on the bus so Mr Mog didn't have to drive. A little look around the charity shops and then home:) Didn't want to do too much today as we both want to be well for tomorrow and the rail trip.
the zebra socks are finished. I really enjoyed making these, the absence of colour made a change.
Then I opened my mail and look what came.

From Maylin a fabulous Green Man card and some hand dyed yarn for me. It is a 100% BFL aran weight and Maylin dyed it for me. The colour will stripe in long stripes like Noro does. This will be going on the needles tonight:) Thanks Maylin
Vicky and Perran sent me a lovely moggie card and some different yarns to add to my creations:) Thank you both:)
Blue Witch sent me a card that is a copy of one of her paintings, couldn't you just lose yourself in those trees? Oh and as you can see at the front of the picture - honey:) Would that we lived nearer as I love this honey . Thanks BW:)

Then this cutie came from my SP:))

Lovely gifts and I do also appreciate all the greetings, thank you everyone.


Sue Krekorian said...

Happy, happy birthday and may you have many very happy returns xxx

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome - glad it got there on time!
Hope you've had a relaxing day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amber :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Best wishes for a wonderful birthday Season !
bonne fete !

maylin said...

So glad you had a good day - you deserve it.

Pat said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Hope you enjoy your day out.


Mad about Craft said...

Hope you had a really lovely day!!

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