August 08, 2008

Works in progress including Moebius:)

I cracked it I think, we will know better once it comes off the needles. Here you see my very first Moebius wrap in progress.
It took more tries than I care to mention to get the hang of casting on and I almost gave up many times. What a swine it was to try and loop the yarn over the needles correctly. I've got the 2 Cat Bordhi books on magical knitting from the library but the pictures did nothing to help me . Some kind people on Ravelry sent me links to 2 videos on casting on and after watching them a few times (VBG) I had a go. Talk about cack handed though. It looks messy in the middle which is where you cast on but overall for a first attempt I'm pleased. Would I do much moebius stuff? Not sure but its another thing to master isn't it? I cast on what seemed enough to go round the circle and that was it, if the thing is too big, no probs it is a test piece after all.
This is the almost finished fire shawl. Hopefully today I'll get to the border and there in is another new technique to try, I'm going to bead the edging(hopefully) using a piece of wire, beads and the technique ArtisAnne taught me
Watch this space.


aniexma said...

I made a Mobius last year, and it looked VERY peculiar until cast-off - very happy with it in the end though.

I'm looking forward to seeing your new beading technique!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Well done you - I still have to master that complex cast-on for Moebius but the end result looks so gorgeous that I have to try at least. You tackled it, you won, and you now have another skill under your belt. Yo Amber!

Joy said...

I have always admired Moebius from afar! I lokk forward to seeing yours - it's such a wonderful colour :-)

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

The jury is out with me as to whether I would like to wear Moebius or not.
Vicky was looking at a crocheted one in my books today. I suspect that it would be easier to make a crochet one rather than twisting the knitting around.

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