March 04, 2008

first March socks finished:)

First March socks finished and started the second pair. They remind me of daffodils for some reason:) and is why I got Mr Mog to photograph them with our pot of daffies.
6th treatment done with for Mr Mog and weather was freezing but brilliant sunshine so easy to get there. Although we were there for 8.30am machine was running half an hour behind so a little bit longer sock knitting:)) Tomorrow is the first day of clinic to see how the treatment goes as well as another radiotherapy session. Have to have a rant though. Despite it being 8.30am in the monring it was almost impossible to find a space near the unit. We ended up with the last one as someone came out but it wasn't helped by an inconsiderate people car taking 2 spaces due to lazy parking. They weren't even in the cancer unit either. It makes it so stressful for Mr Mog getting there when he has to worry if we can park at all or end up miles away.
Trouble is to go by bus it would take 3 buses each way and around 2 and a half hours minimum so its out of the question.


Anonymous said...

When my FIL had daily radiotherapy (albeit 12 years ago now) transport was provided for him. How times change...

You'd think they'd have special reserved spaces near the unit for people having to undergo treatment, wouldn't you? I can't believe how little effort it would actually take to make the lives of people like yourselves, which are hard enough in the circumstances, easier. No-one seems to think like this in the NHS thse days though - a great pity.

And, *if* the machine is running half an hour late, couldn;t someone have rung you so you knew you didn;t need to hurry?

Maybe a letter to your local papers on the subject (cc Hospital Chief Exec) might get some action?

I'm loving seeing how all those different yarns knit up.

Roobeedoo said...

I feel for you, I really do. I always drive FL to his appointments because I can drop him off at the door and then get a place in the medical school car park next door, using my staff permit - otherwise he would have to walk for miles. It is a ridiculous situation where fragile patients can't get a parking space within walking distance of the cancer clinic! It's a hot topic in the waiting room!

Craftydramaqueen said...

Sorry you are having unneccessary trouble. Why do they make hospital car parks so small?

Love the daffodil socks. xx

Bryony Ramsden said...

Gorgeous socks - they are perfect for spring :D. And that sucks about parking :/ I don't see how Wales changing parking to free will help these kinds of problems at all either - do you have to pay at all?

Flossie in Stitches said...

Hi Amber,

I just wanted to say sorry I haven't sent you any sock yarn yet. If I can't get to my LYS this weekend, I will have a little bit of online retail therapy including some sock yarn for you. Brain has been a bit scrambled of late, sorry for the delay in getting a yarn donation to you.

I LOVE the daffodil colour socks, so beautiful for Spring. xx

Diane said...

Additional stress at a time when stress isn't needed is terrible. Hang in there.

dreamcatcher said...

Glad to hear Mr Mog's treatments are going OK, but the situation with parking is a disgrace. The last thing people need when they are ill, there really ought to be a patient transport service at the very least.

Love the bright springtime socks, and the daffs :-)

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