March 01, 2008

odds n sods, Happy St David's Day:)

Firstly Happy St David's Day everyone:)) And for the mothers amongst us, happy Mother's day for tomorrow. My son remembered and gave me a bottle of my favourite red wine. You may wonder what is so special about that? He was a drug addict and almost died before going through detox. He has been clean for several years now but still has short term memory problems to go with his other mental stuff. It makes any kind of gift or thought from him very special:)) I'll be seeing my daughter tomorrow.
Photos to follow on the following:)
clementine cake with mandarins. In oven . Ready for tomorrow when DD and family come to visit for Mother's day.
Beltaine shawl, started
Posh Lucia socks, 1 finished 1 half done
Mellenwheit(sp?) sock in blues 1 finished and photo to come. 1 still to cast on

Blue Witch I do a lot of knitting because it helps keep my fingers supple. This darned rheumatoid arthrits and osteoarthritis restrict my movements a lot sadly. I have a lot of time on my hands and knitting does keep me sane:) I no longer can do half of what I used to but its just one of those things. An old saying is that the Goddess never gives you more than you can handle and I'm handling:))
I won a prize:) A forest canopy shawl on Aknitas blog:) I tried knitting one of these several times and my brain didn't like to work with the needles so I kept frogging and eventually gave up. This will be perfect for me so thanks Aknita and your Dd for choosing my name.
Writing, an article on using witchcraft and magic to help in our fight against cancer. Not to cure it though Goddess knows that would be fabulous. More as sympathetic magic to alleviate the side effects and protect the parts we don't want the radiation to harm.
Reading Ironside by Holly Black, I love this and the previous Tithe
in the queue to read next.
In the night garden Catherynne M Valiente yet to start just arrived from the library this morning. Recommended on a blog I read who's name escapes me:)
as was the next Garden spells Sarah Addison Allen
Listening to Bronwen David Cabin fever and Saint Saens Carnival of animals

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