March 23, 2008

song titles of a witchy/pagan/magic nature??

Indulge me here:)
I had the cd on in the car when we took our grandsons home this morning. We were playing a Manfred Mann cd which they love. One of the tracks was "I put a spell on you". It made me start thinking of witchy/pagan etc songs.
Up to now I've come up with the above,
Hubble bubble toil and trouble,
black magic woman,
love potion number 9
witchy woman
the boy with the moon and stars on his head.
Would love your suggestions please
Well it was youngest grandsons 10th birthday yesterday. We took the car showroom/house to their house before our now traditional birthday meal at Guys thatched hamlet
We have been going to Guys since #2 grandson was a baby so as he reminded us all this is my 10th year. We do go other times but on his birthday it has to be Guys. He is a great traditionalist and things like this are very important. It was fun and a beautiful meal as always. Plus they do a great thing for birthday folks. After the meal they bring a birthday cake(ours that his mum provided was a racing car this year, kind of appropriate ?) and all the staff come. The head waiter calls on all the restaurant customers to wish the birthday person happy birthday in the appropriate way so they all sing Happy Birthday. This is interspersed with salutes on a trumpet. All great fun and he loves it:)
They then came to spend the night at our house because my daughter and her partner were going to spain at 5am this morning.
Anyway, back to the showroom. He was overcome when he saw it and the fact it had everything he had asked for including the lift to the 1st floor and roof car park. I'll let Mr Mog show you the pictures of the finished house later this week. I know you will be impressed with it, he made such a great job.
So we are home until Tuesday morning. Then we go to cancer centre for Mr Mog's treatment and on to DDs to babysit until Friday evening. They are at school which will help and not be too tiring for us. They are with their dad until then.
Lots of great ideas for yarn sigh:))
edited to add that the row boats were empty, just tied up in the bay with the fishing boats etc. Also all the expensive sand that the council put on the beach, many thousands of tons, and that they have spent lots of time sweeping up and returning to the beach after all the storms over past month. Yes that sand is now all over the car parks and promenade once more ready for the council to play sandcastles with again:))
Also we have snow across the bay looking to the lake district and the pennines. Lots and lots of snow and it looks gorgeous. Pity it is bank holiday otherwise I think I could have persuaded Mr Mog to take me up to drive through the mountains.
Ah well maybe it will still be there next weekend. My grandson was most impressed that it snowed on his birthday, just for him:))


Anonymous said...

Back in the sands of blog history, I asked the same question, and they were the days when comments were counted in tens not ones. I can't find where, though, although I have had a lovely half hour reading through parts of my archives :)

So pleased you all had such a lovely celebration - just what you need right now I think. Looking forward to seeing the finished garage.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I can't think of any songs to add as yet but I will think on it. There must be loads more of them. Happy birthday to your grandson and I will look forward to seeing the finished showroom on Mr Mog's blog.

Typical of the council to waste money on fancy sand that blows away. If they had stuck to plain old builders sand it would have been heavy (and wet) enough to stay on the beach!

maylin said...

I guess you mean mainstream songs otherwise just about anything by Carolyn Hilyer. We haven't had snow just a bit of slush but we did have 5 easter ducklings born. so sweet.

Turtle said...

Giggling at the sand, after living in hawaii for years and seeing crazy deals with sand...nothing suprises me! Glad you have been having fun, sounds like a great party. Thay are calling for snow here this week as well, the daffy-dils are blooming in the yard and the grass has been cut twice now. All witchy songs i can think of at the moment are by wiccan artists. Hmmm...

evergreenknits said...

Dar Williams has a very sweet song - The Christians and The Pagans - about family members getting together to celebrate Christmas and Solstice. Highly recommended!

Dez Crawford said...

I somehow missed this post back in March!

Black Magic Woman, of course!

I Put A Spell On You

Peter Gabriel "The Rhythmn of the
Heat" (not in the title but the song is about ritual and magic)

Oh, it's late, but I'll think of others ... lotsa stuff by Dr. John

And of course anything by Pentangle (does anyone else remember them?)

Rosie said...

didn't Donavan do one called "Season of the Witch"?

(Yes, I know I'm replying about 3 months late, but I wanted to check back to see how you dyed those gorgeous skirts!)

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