March 30, 2008

yarn wound ready for April:)

Isn't this gorgeous? This is the Hare Moon yarn that Perran dyed specially for the hospice sock appeal. I've given you a picture of it wound and on the skein and it reminds me of sweets and spring flowers. I will really enjoy knitting this up I know. Vicky if you are listening what colours did you use please? Was it acid dyes? Thanks to everyone who is sending yarn and in answer to one email yes I am still accepting yarn for the hospice, just email for my address. Later this week I'll post a picture of all the socks that I've made for the appeal up to now. Lots more than my original plan of 1 pair a month isn't it:))
I've decided to try and get some more unusual or hand dyed yarns to add to the sock appeal, I thought it would be rather nice to be able to make some more unusual one of a kind socks, makes the finsihed collection more special I think:)
The clocks have gone forward today and the sun is shining could it be Spring is on its way? My ,goddess card that I chose from the pack today is windsong and is in shades of green so looks like the cards are in agreement.


Linda said...

Lovely spring colours, they look so good wound too.

Rosie said...

oh, what yummy yarn; perfect for the hare moon.

FairiesNest said...

You'll definitely feel like it's Spring just knitting those lovely colors!

Crobbles said...

Perran says, "I like my yarn being Famous!"

It does look lovely wound. I'm looking forward to seeing it knitted up.

I'll e-mail you about the dyes.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

The wool reminds me of those sticks of chewy spearminty waffle patterned sweet bar I used to love as a child. They were probably coloured with now illegal colourants but boy did they used to taste good to a post war sweet coupon girl!
Nice dyeing Perran.

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