March 29, 2008

Contest , we have a winner:)

Did you miss me? We have been staying at our daughters for the week looking after grandsons and of course trekking daily to the cancer centre for Mr Mogs treatment. Its been quite fun having the week with the grandsons but tiring also. They have been a delight to be around. Awful week weather wise though, lots of sleet, icy rain and wind. March is leaving with a vengeance. The clocks go forward this evening and officiallly we will be in British summer time. Tell that to the plants in our garden. They have been shivering away for weeks now even though the, daffs bless their hearts, have continued to flower throughout.
Received some lovely yarn this week, for the hospice knitting.
Dee from Posh yarns sent some lucia in a lemon daffodil colour that is perfect for spring socks.
Finished another pair of socks, this time in Regia 4fadig ringel color. Don't they lift the spirits? Enough yarn left for some mini socks I think?
I've signed up for the mini socks swap and I'm going to make my mini out of wollmeise I think.
Also in the latest ISE (international scarf exchange) I've an idea what yarn to use and what pattern, well 2 really as I'm unsure which. I think I may go with the iris shawl or the one whos name escapes me that I did before, sea something? Too sore to go and look. My legs have been
dreadful all week , very swollen and my knee is constantly grating and painful.
We had 54 comments on the contest giveaway, thank you all. Lots of great yarn recommendations to put on my wish list:)
Now a reminder what the prize is:-............

There were as i said 54 comments and Mr Mog got to choose the winner. He went for number 11 and that was Roobeedoo
Congratulations Ruth, please send me your address and I'll get the prize on its way to you:)


Marianne said...

The socks are so bright and cheerful!
Congrats to Ruth for winning the prize!
I hope you feel better soon, those pesky knees anyway :^)

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Marianne took the words out of my mouth. The socks are lovely.

Sorry about your knees. Perhaps now the summer is officially here the weather will perk up and the warmth will ease your pain. There is something about a bit of sunshine that lifts the mood.

Turtle said...

congrats to ruth! (great prize) Sounds like you had a nice week, the weather is so confused...spring, helllooooo??? Take care of yourself and mr mog!

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