December 29, 2007

Suggested colours/themes for the lunar sock year, moons of the year

I had a couple of emails about sponsoring my sock year for the hospice and asking about colours
These are the names of the months that I follow and my thoughts/inspirations for colours if that helps?
JANUARY Wolf moon. Darkest time of the year called wolf moon because this was the time of year when wolves came nearer villages looking for food as they were so hungry. Maybe if they took a child then that is why the howl strikes our inner core?
I'm thinking dark colours with maybe dark reds/black mix?purples
BLUE MOON the 13th moon I'm showing it in Jan as its easier:)
known as storm moon, cruel moon as worst of the weather then. I'm thinking greys whites blues

FEBRUARY Chaste moon, also Imbolc or Candlemas snowdrops colours white/pale lemons pale green to celebrate the snowdrops coming through
MARCH Seed Moon a time of planting, Spring Equinox, golden yellows rich greens
APRIL Hare Moon and Spring any spring colours
MAY Dyad Moon, nature is blossoming Beltane, reds, golds, fire colours for Beltaine
JUNE Mead(honey) moon Midsummer solstice, more gold reds greens
JULY Herb or wort moon greens browns
AUGUST Barley moon Lamass, harvest colours
September Harvest moon Autumn Equinox harvest colours again and fiery colours for the turning leaves
OCTOBER Blood moon Samhain, deep reds, blacks, purples
NOVEMBER Snow moon blues/whites
DECEMBER Oak moon and Yule any colours

This is a quick guide to some of the colours I see at the various moons, not necessarily your choice:) However any yarn gratefully received with many thanks
oops also meant to say if there is a particular month or moon you wanted the yarn knitted for do tell me


Marianne said...

Amber, if you'll send me your new address I'll get some sock yarn to you... don't know 'what' as of yet but I have a bit in my stash that I'd be happy to share with you :^)


Flossie in Stitches said...

Hi, what a lovely idea to knit socks for hospice. I'd love to donate some yarn to you to knit one of the pairs of socks. Next time I visit 'Stash' in Putney I'll pick up some yarn for you. Please email me your address so I can send it to you! x

Rosie said...

What a great project. I'd like to send you some yarn, too. Please email (link from sidebar of my blog). I'll see if I can find something moon specific.

Rosie said...

Just to update: I've emailed you with a description of the yarn, which is like high summer at the seaside: maybe August?

Jen said...

What a great idea! Just email me (you can find my email address on the diebar of my blog), and let me know if there is any paricular colors you are still in need of, and I will send you something from my stash!

Good luck with all the sock knitting!

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