December 09, 2007

More socks finished and it's been a few days

Did you miss me? It has been an horrendous week, both weather weather wise and health wise for Mr Mog. It has rained every single day until today. Not just rained but sleet and floods, you name it we have had it. Today it is sunny but icy cold, we actually managed to get 10 minutes on the promenade which was good.
Mr Mog has been poorly this week. He has possibly had a virus to add to his hormone problems. Also really bad acid in his throat. His temperature keeps fluctuating from freezing to boiling, no inbetweens for this mog. I rang the NHS direct line yesterday teatime as he hadn't picked up at all. In fact he had spent all Friday night awake then all yesterday just lying on the sofa, not like Mr at all he is normally so active. I'm ringing the doctor in the morning to make an appointment for him, he has to have his next monthly hormone shot on Wednesday and I'm a little worried about him having it if he is so low. So not much time to do much.
I did list a lot of stuff on ebay to raise funds for his holiday fund and it has gone pretty well. Thank you all who purchased. Last ones finish today. I'm hoping I can take him away, fingers crossed. He is so down at the moment.
However I have finished another pair of socks and made 1 sock of another pair. Oh SP, what have you done gifting me with this obsession??
The rainbow pair are made from some fabulous yarn sent me by Ruth
Regia Nation color (rainbow) and the pattern was the simple one I've done BUT I added a little reverse stocking stitch to make it interesting:) They fit Mr Mog perfectly, those are his legs BTW not mine:))
The second picture is very dark, this yarn is hard to photograph perfectly but take it from me it is stunning. It reminds me of night, the dark blues aubergine and purples. It is from Liz Knitting on the Green
The colour on the website was a lot lighter than the acutal yarn but I love it. Liz mailed very fast and the yarn is soft and stunning.
So one more sock to knit then I need a simple easy pattern for more please:)


Nefarious Designs said...

I've read your blog periodically from links on UKHK, so when I read this: I thought of Mr Mog. Sounds like something that wouldn't hurt, even if it doesn't help :o)

Bryony Ramsden said...

Poor Mr Mog - all his health problems and that too :( That sounds similar to what I had in the second week - I had bad stomach cramps and acid with it because the shivering was so intense, so the two could be connected. And I don't know how you've found them, but NHS Direct, while relatively soothing with regards to emergency situations, are rubbish at giving you more help. They've always told me to book an appointment and beyond that haven't told me anything more than 'you aren't in any immediate danger and probably don't have meningitis'. Lots of rest and soothing things for him this week. Hope the doc appointment goes ok.

The socks are fab :D Do you think you'll try any more complicated ones? And you are definitely an enabler introducing us to knew pretty yarn :D Looks veeery tasty!

Big hugs to you both again

Roobeedoo said...

Oh yes! What happy rainbow socks! I do hope Mr Mog is feeling better today - FL is down too. I blame the weather. Thanks for the new sock yarn tip - tee hee hee!

Herzblut said...

missed you, yes! Hugs and purrs to you both


Angela Cox said...

I found N.H.S direct very helpful as they speak like humans unlike a lot of doctors. You must be having a terrible time sleeping.I know I woke every hour to take temps , give painkillers all because it took so long to diagnose. I'd fall asleep on the floor ..if you do it make the most of it cos we don't want a sick mrs Mog too.

yvette said...

What fabulous socks, you have caught the sock bug. Wishing you both well, take care.

Anonymous said...

Those rainbow socks would cheer anybody up. Best wishes from afar.

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