December 27, 2007

of resolutions, gifts and more

Have any of you thought of resolutions for this next year? Knitting or otherwise:)
I'm going to do the lunar year of socks for the hospice and hopefully it will help me improve my sock knitting skills:) I can always use ideas of simple patterns to make:)
My other main resolution is to get Mr Mog though his radiotherapy and hopefully a cure. If the Godess is listening, that would make a might fine post Yule gift:))
I didn't get any knitting gifts for Yule but I did get other good things:)
They ranged from a fabulous East necklace, via lush goodies to the great big glorious book for girls
It also included a heart gift box from Portmerion.We had a great day Christmas Day. The morning was spent at my daughters watching our 2 grandsons open their gifts:) I love that, when you see their faces when it is something they really want. After lunch we went to our friends for Christmas meal of Roast beef and all the trimmings. Followed by games and much merriemtn. Very late when we went to bed and no sleep to speak of as I have had a few days of really bad pain.
We called to see a couple of friends after lunch on Boxing Day and then went home as I was so shattered. We were supposed to be staying with our friend for the night but I had to bail. When we got home at 4pm it was jamas on after hot bath and sat in warm room enjoying the peace of home and Mr Mogs company. I went to bed at 9.30 and didn't get up til same time this morning. I do feel much more refreshed although still much pain around. The damp doesn't help
How was your Christmas?


maylin said...

I had the most relaxing Christmas I have ever had. Helped by the fact that a few days before my son rang to say he had had his second all clear molecular test so is officially in remission. Hope you have similar news soon. I had a few knitting related presents - all wonderful - but best of all was my son proposing to his long term girlfriend and her accepting.

I am humbled by your commitment to your hospice knitting. Don't forget to pick out some sock wool from my shop (more going up daily. If you start knitting patterns from the Lucy Neatby book let me know in advance and I'll knit along with you. I've been meaning to work through it to improve my techniques.

All the best for the new year (I am still mulling over resolutions).

Brahdelt said...

You definitely were very busy, visiting your family and friends! ^^ We spent two days with our families, mainly eating tons of food all the mothers prepared - but that's the Polish tradition I guess. No knitting gifts here, either, but I got a very needed present - a grill pan! *^v^* Sorry to hear about your pain, I'm sending warm healing thoughts towards you! (And hugs for Mr. Mog!)

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