May 01, 2006

Bletane greetings, may your maypole stand strong

Happy Beltane to anyone reading. One of my favourite festivals on the wheel of the year if not my most favoured. A fertility festival, a fire festival. Beltane is all of these and more. A time of greenwood weddings and handfastings. A time to jump the sacred belfire and drink mead. Where the word homeymoon came from. For me at this most traumatic time a pause and a chance to see the abundance of the Lady. Everything is in full growth, lots of flowers, buds and new leaves all around us. Part of my Beltane rituals throughout the past almost 40 years has been to try be out among the greenwood at dawn. If not then at least some part of the day. It wasn't quite dawn but as I stood in the grove earlier I felt the energy of this most powerful of festivals all around me. We have had a maypole for several years now and I entwined new ribbons upon it today, yellows and green for the Lady of Spring. This may hopefully be the last Beltane in this house. A sad time but one full of hopes for future ceremonies north of the Border. The move is still all flux and attended by much emotional blackmail from DD who is not above using our 2 grandsons within her moves. We were supposed to go to Scotland and to Cumbria for the weekend but were both so upset from the family stuff we didn't have the heart to go. My DD is saying now that due to her and her partners work commitments they wouldn't be able to visit and if we visited them they may not be there. Hence the tears from my grandsons. I was all for not moving Friday but I've now decided that firstly we need to still see if this house is all we hoped and secondly if it is we need to do what feels right for us. Trusting that the Goddess will be with us and that we will see our family as much as we want to. Bear in mind that the move would only place us just around 2 hours away, not exactly the end of the earth.
So Beltane a fertile time for hopes and dreams. If you wish for something here is what I've done in the past. The token I use is either a piece of wood that I've inscribed with sigils that represent my wish.(windfall no need to cut a tree for your token), or a piece of paper with the wish written on it. I usually then say something like this:-
I make a wish on the fire tonight, with Goddess golden and the God so bright,
Place a token within the fire, a physical sign for my desire.
Watch it blacken , watch it burn, my wish will come as the seasons turn.
Bearing always within my thoughts, as it harms none so mote it be.
Thank you lady bright blessed be
(Copyright ambermoggie)

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