May 28, 2006

Still here packing and planning

Well its been a busy few days. I've got some packing done thanks to Mr.mog. We are maybe a quarter done up to now. Its not easy when you have visits to cumbria, doctors and other stuff to work round. Last week for example we went to Cumbria for mums birthday so that day was full,
I had doctors visits as this move and other stuff is majorly affecting my health. We are talking stress but with a capital S. Stomach is affected with IBS and possibly the ulcer that I started with a few years back. To top it all add in a sprinkle of heart problems and breathlessness. Recipe for bad days with a vengeance. Then if you add to that a day of child care. Doesn't leave much time for packing.
This next week? Well Monday packing and Tuesday packing, Wednesday and Thursday child care full days plus doctors wednesday for fasting blood tests and ecg. Friday up to Scotland til Saturday to sign lease, clean new house. Sunday packing if we have any energy. Monday Tuesday children, wednesday doctors for results, thursday move. Full schedule. I'm going spare wondering if I've remembered everything. SP I will be more talkative mid June when I'm in the new house.(fingers crossed). I'll be changing to a local wireless connection so will no longer be with virgin. Think it will have to be hotmail address after that.
I have however been knitting:) I've finished the feather and fan throw in purples, I'llbe taking photos when I've moved so will show them then. I'm also part way through another 2 noro bags. Well a mog has to have something to keep busy at nights:)
On a better note, the garden is looking wonderful really lush and full of life. I'll be sorry to say goodbye.

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Anonymous said...

Moving is quite the job in itself! Plus the the health problems. We all want you to take care of yourself! (You hear me!?) Enjoy the garden while you can! And always, Knit on!

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