May 09, 2006

spinning wheel and earthy yarns

Missed another darn spinning wheel today:( Wonder if I'll ever manage to find one? Have let everyone know I'm looking for one so if it gets passed around the grapevine there just might be someone with a spinning wheel going spare. I'm almost finished the turqouise shawl in assorted yarns and I've started looking for earthy/mossy/olive shades of various yarns to start a huge throw/shawl cape for me. I want mohairs, cottons, thick and thin you name it:) I have a couple of yarns already but I thought with the money from the yarns I'm selling and the ones I hope to swap I may start an earth stash. Still awaiting news on the house, it is possibly this weekend when it is empty, soon as I know I'll be up the M6 to view inside. Here seems limbo at the moment. I don't want to do anything and DH doesn't want to garden in case we are going. We have started to talk about minimalising a little. Just a little and yarn wasn't mentioned as one of the things to go:) More the ornaments, witchy statues and such. We have way too much.I thought I'd try our local newspaper for selling. They do quids in once aweek where if the item is under £100 you can advertise free. Also going to sell the mower as we won't have lawns if we move. I keep saying IF as it seems safer to hedge my bets til we've been inside the house. Also Loki lives with us and anytime we say we will do something or we won't then the opposite happens and I don't want to tempt him.
some photos of the grove to show the spring colour

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Twelfthknit said...

Inflation, eh? I remember when it used to be items under a tenner were free....

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