May 10, 2006

Glorious day, wonderful sunshine

What a fabulous day today. The sun is shining and its very warm. I've been sitting in the grove watching the bees collecting pollen and its been gorgeous. The heat makes me feel like a cat, ready to purr with the warmth:) I took the turquoise shawl out with me and almost done now. I wanted to add a little more to it. I'll post pics tomorrow promise. I've been looking on ebay for earthy coloured yarns in different weights, not much about at the moment. I'm also looking for cicrular needles in 10mm and above if anyone knows of any going cheap.
Took more photos of yarn today so will probably list on ebay tomorrow. DH has several saws to sell, jigsaw and the like so maybe putting them on also.
Almost finished sorting the group of people I'm hostessing for SP8 so will be sending matches out tomorrow at latest for that.
I saw the most gorgeous throw today at a friends and she didn't know what yarns it was. It was deep plummy through to lilac colours and very fine through to very thick. Definately not Colinette. Apparently it was from car boot for a pound can you believe??? About 6 foot by 3 foot and I so wanted to bring it home with me.
Still trying to fill days in waiting to go and see THE house.

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dreamcatcher said...

Love the photos of spring in your garden :-) We have just spent a good couple of hours working in the garden after work tonight, how fabulous to finally have the bright warm weather.

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