April 21, 2006

where do the weeks go?

Can anyone please tell me where the weeks do go to? Seems only yesterday I blogged and here we are again:) A funeral yesterday, long sad yet happy day in some ways as my dear friends mum finally passed away after fighting a brain tumour for 6 months. She would have been 94 yesterday. There were so many happy memories from people so a true celebration of a wonderful life. May the Goddess take her to her arms now.
I'm still trying to do without my pain killers much as possible but it isn't easy. I had to have 2 yesterday as the day was so heavy and thundery it didn't help at all. But my consumption of the dreaded co ds is coming down and I'm glad. I'm using more aromatherapy, more healing from DH, colour healing also. As much alternative therapy as is available.
The house situation is still in limbo, don't know when it will be. but I know it will come I juist have to be patient. Me a Leo being patient, I ask you???
Tomorrow to a pagan event, lots of talks , stalls and such and a chance to meet up with like minded people. Some good speakers, and workshops. Music at night but I suspect my 6pm this moggy will be ready for home:)
I'm in the middle of a shawl using Colinette mohair, the ribbon yarn of theirs whos name escapes me at the minute? silky chic and some lace weight yarn from Rachel(thanks so much:)). All shades or purples, blues some pink alternate rows big needles looks good. I'm just going to cast on for an amulet bag using DPNs which will be something new, thought I'd use lornas laces for it. We will see how it comes out.
So if you are at Awakenings and see someone knitting say hello:)
Now to answer comments, Sarah I had to go and buy some of those gorgeous stitch markers, thanks for thinking of me:))
Angie I purchased the Kaffe book glorious knitting and remember the shawls so well now I see them:) I to try to weave magic in to my knitting each stitch I do, especially if its for someone needy of something. Magic is mostly intent after all and as the witches say An it harm none
Ruth Spring Equinox is such a vibrant growing time yet to grow I think you have to leave something behind, trouble is that what that is isn't always what you'd want it to be at the time:)
Wye Sue, what is upstairs at Colinette, never got that far and how did you manage it? Glad they still have the dolls:)


Angie said...

Have a great day Amber ..hope it is sunny for you.Angie

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your posts. I live in the US. I loved Great Britain the couple of times I was able to visit. You never say what causes your pain. Can you share or would you prefer to keep it private. I, too have pain from fibromyalgia and have had to retire from teaching kindergarten. Knitting and spinning and stamping are my artistic outlets. I love your dolls and will have to try my hand at more art that comes from my soul.

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