December 24, 2005

'twas the night before christmas

and all through this house mayhem and madness rules. I've had my daughter and my 2 grandsons plus my son all here for lunch and exchanging of gifts with DS as we won't see him tomorrow. I've made card and finsihed wrapping presents for my dh. I am a little miffed as several books I ordered haven't made it here yet from the states. However it will extend his festivities somewhat. Hot pot and sherry trifle for lunch went down rather well with everyone. Think we will be having remains of lasagne for tea and a glass of wine to help it down. No christmas lunch to make as we go to a good friend for the day after seeing my daughter and the boys unwrapping their gifts. Our contribution was the cake now finally iced and ready to go. It looks delightful with the red and green ribbon tied around. Good practice for the wedding cake to come. I've started the sampler quilt in the aran wool. Have made 7 squares up to now and its a good thing to do when you only have snippets of time to knit. I'd like to find a sweater pattern to make for dh in the new year as he is sadly lacking jumpers. Maybe a trad one as he prefers me to be the flamboyant dresser in the family.
Happy Christmas one and all. I'll post what gifts I got and responses to my knitted gifts in due course.

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