December 02, 2005

continuing the sun for Yule theme

Well it is done:) I've machined my sun, added beads and glitter and its as done as I want it to be. I want something to show the return of the light, a glow within the winter darkness. A ray of hope that spring will return. Making this I was thinking of people of olden days and why the winter solstice was such an important celebration. If you lived with the seasons then this time of year would have been awfully dark. Today we had maybe 2 hours of proper daylight here in England and rest of day has been dark and dismal. The thought that come December 21st we will start to get longer days is something to look forward to. I've made steak marinaded in lime and olive oil for tea. Slices of popes eye steak I picked up in Scotland yesterday while visiting a friend. Added them to a baking dish with some fresh rosemary from the garden, 4 cloves of garlic and a large onion sliced. To this the zest and juice of a lime and a large splash of virgin olive oil. Left it for a couple of hours then in to oven for around a half hour. Served it with mashed potatoes with the juice from the steak poured over. Delicious.
My knitting is slow, the triangle shawl hasn't been touched for 2 days while in Scotland but tonight I'm itching to get back to it.
Scotland was misty, we travelled up Wednesday morning with a tiny ginger kitten we were taking for our pal. We started off with it in a cat basket but the pathetic sounds coming from the back seat of the car melted my heart and Pan, as he is now called, travelled the rest of the journey cuddled up on my knee. All apart from one foray around the car to see what there was to chew on. I'd forgotten how small kittens could be. My two are now 8 months old and quite big. They were so pleased to see us come home even though our friend goes in twice a day to feed and cuddle them. We could barely take our coats off without them tripping us up.
Here are a couple of pics of the Yule sun.

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