December 04, 2005

I got my Yule cards made:)

I got my Yule cards done today. I've used a photo of Castle Howe in the Lakes from a couple of weeks ago when there was heavy frost, added a little glitter glue to give impression of icicles and thats it. Very simple for a change. I've uploaded a very blurred picture, night light doesn't do justice. Knitting I've finished my firecracker scarf. I made a slit in it for fastening and it looks good. I've started another in point five loopy pattern. Will post pics tomorrow hopefully. Been raining most of day so a good day to be creative. Still sniffly and sneezing from the dreaded lurgy but hopefully that will go soon. Been bidding on eyelash yarn on ebay, do I need any? The colours looked wonderful and price seemed ok it looks like firecracker so hopefully is.

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