December 22, 2005

Happy Solstice and yarn bargain

Well a little late but happy winter solstice to everyone. From here the days get longer and the nights shorter taking us towards spring. something to look forward to during the long winter nights.
I got a great bargain at our local age concern all this aran yarn several kilos for very little cash. I'm a very happy moggie. I am thinking of making a sampler quilt with most of it. Doing sample squares of different stitches then sewing them all together. Think it might be a good way to refresh my stitch brain as I haven't done some for many years. Except blackberry, stocking stitch and garter. I finished yet more scarves curly whirlies. Made using colinette yarn and edged with a fur yarn that I don't know name of. Marzipanned some cakes today. They need icing Saturday. I think I've done all the food shopping, hope so anyways as the stores are awful to get round at the moment. People are so rude and frantic in their shopping and yes I know I'm being snippy but I'm allowed to it is my blog.Cats have left the tree alone, we thought as it was their first Yule they would have everything off. However after a cursory investigation they have completely ignored it.

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