December 03, 2005

Saturday night and the needles are hot

I've almost finished my triangle scarf in mohair and its not looking too bad. A long time since I did anything like this so I am pretty pleased it turned out ok. I've used Colinette mohair 2 earthy colours and its very muted for me. Also on the needles a scarf for Yule gifts in Colinette firecracker bright blues. Not sure on shade as its part of the bagful I got a couple of weeks ago. I'm looking for a pattern for a crochet scarf to maybe do also. I've decided gifts for family and friends this year will be as much hand made as I can. Partly from a cost level(well mainly that I suppose) but also that I love making things for people whereever possible. So on the production line apart from scarves are a throw for an elderly aunt in mohair crocheted, some fingerless gloves in Colinette silky chic for hwoever, a series of elemental dolls, some loopy cushions. After that if they do get finished before the Solstice then maybe start a sweater for the love of my life.

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