November 29, 2005

Yule sun making

I started to make the sun today for our Yule celebrations. I want it to be small enough to place over the goddess altar but big enough to see. Started out with paper template approx 10 inch round. Cut out a piece from white cotton for backing then from yellow felt for main body. Felt is actually cleaning cloths from poundland. Got around 3o different coloured ones for the pound so great value for stitching. Who wants to clean anyway? I've topped this with various odds and asods of gold and yellow fabrics, anything from my handdyed felts to lame cloth, lace and vegetable bags. I've overlayed this with gold voile and tomorrow will machine all over to hold together. Then I've got a cirlce of crystal like fabric with glitter on very delicate and this will go in circle of sun. Then I think I may bead around the rays with tiny yellow seed beeds.
The snow we got yesterday morning has gone now, however the Lake District mountains are showing in the distance with their tops covered in snow. Started my traingle shawl in colinette mohair but its very slow Think i need to start something else maybe another shawl in point five

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