January 20, 2013

Spinning and a giveaway

I haven't had a giveaway for quite a while now and I thought it was about time:) 

This yarn is my handspun. it is the November hooves club batts from enchanted knoll.
I joined this club in October after waiting a while for a space. I've had 3 lots of fibre now from them and all have been stunning. I've had other sellers batts before and they can be a little like the curates egg
They can look beautiful on the top but when you open them up they can sometimes have less than perfect stuff there. Doesn't often happen but I have been disappointed several times. Enchanted Knoll look exactly the same inside as they do on the outside and what I particularly like is there is no preparation needed. You can just spin:) 

Meet Common Grackle, the November batt offering. This was my first batt from the club and I loved spinning it. The sparkle and the various colours that were part of it. 
There is 118g approx and approximately 755yards. So why a giveaway? I'll be honest I have tried the beginning of 7 different shawl  patterns and none felt right. I've only actually used 2 or 3 yards, if that ,you can just see it wound round the middle there. It obviously does not want to stay with me so who would like it for Imbolc? I will leave the comments open until Friday then choose a winner. You will hopefully get it in time for Imbolc and I'd love to see what you make with it:)

I've also been knitting. This is another Dragonfly wings and the yarn is some I dyed 2 years ago I think?

 This is yet another Wingspan shawl. I do love this pattern. The purple yarn is some left over Posh Elinor I think? and the yellow mix is some left over sock that I dyed a while ago.This is quite large as you can see.
 Then on Ravelry we had a hat challenge and as I hadn't made one for a while I got the needles out. The pattern is Propello from Woolly Wormhead and the yarn is some of my handspun. The fibre was a gift from a good friend and my attempt at spinning thicker than my default lace to 4ply.

 waiting blocking

then blocked. I think this needs a light felting to finish off.

Then finally there is this
This is my December batts from Enchanted Knoll, colourway Rusty Cockerel.
860yards from just 94g. So pleased with the yardage on this.

Not sure what to make yet.


Connie K. said...

This is a lovely yarn and a generous yardage, I would love the chance to make something from it. I like the idea of a shawl, and the colors would be perfect for my oldest daughter.

greyowl (ravelry id)

sulkycat said...

All beautiful, you talented woman!

Grace said...

Your handspun is absolutely beautiful! I especially love the hat you made!

Karen Steenberg said...

Cannt seewhy that yarn shouldnot knit up nicely, perhaps in a stiped shawl... Just begging to spin myself, and that yarn really inspires.

Alison said...

Your hat looks even better now it's blocked :) Such a shame that beautiful yarn doesn't want to be knitted by you :(

Sue Krekorian said...

I wish we lived closer so you could help give me courage and advice for spinning. I love the effect that you get and these recent creations are all glorious. I especially love the giveaway yarn and might be tempted to try weaving it into a scarf on my little fixed heddle loom...

Blue Witch said...

Lovely knitting, as always. I need to get on with making some foot coverings: I have a pattern, and have lots of chunky handspun, but lack the motivation. However, as my current ones now have two holes in them, and the floors are jolly cold, motivation might arrive!

I seem to remember you mentioning a while ago that Mr Mog made a yarn measurer out of a fishing line measuring gadget. I've found several sets of instructions online, but they all look terribly complicated. Could you describe how yours works, please?

Di said...

How wonderful to link this yarn to an Imbolc give away! At first glance, all I noticed were the beautiful vibrant colours. Then I looked closer! Beautiful and vibrant yes, but they are also the colours of spring, the pinks and purple tones of crocuses, even the gold of their stamens!

Go back for another look and you find gentle greens of new growth. Now I have to admit my little guided tour of the spring garden is far from perfect. I mean teal? Teal! Well, at a push it could represent new growth on cypress trees but it's a real push. I can't think of anything spring-like that features teal in large amounts.

Oh, cept your Imbolc yarn of course ;-)

Now, from one pagan to another, I think you will find that yarn belongs here with my and my cat don't you?


Boo said...

Such a beautiful skein of yarn and a lovely gesture to offer it as a gift. I would absolutely love this yarn and promise, if finds its way to me, to allow it to grow into something beautiful. x

asteride said...

I see a sweater, light and airy, knitted on big needle.
Soft fabric and gentle drape.
Beautiful yarn.

Unknown said...

I would love to get the yarn. It looks so beautiful. pannak1

Chelsea W said...

Your Wingspan is stunning! The handspun is beautiful--thanks for the chance!

Mary said...

Fab Wingspan and the handspun is awesome. Thank you for the chance to win. Ravelry id: mamameow

Margay Leah Justice said...

Looks cool! I'd love it.

Dori said...

Love your blog. You are such an inspiration. Fantastic hat; I had not seen that one before but I really like Wolly Wormhead designs. Will have to add it to my queue! Gorgeous handspun. So far mine has all been one colour. This would be amazing to knit with.

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