January 19, 2013

Belief,faith, believer

You can't have a faith unless you believe, really believe in something and don't just go through the motions.
You can't have a faith then flit from religion to religion. The faith is what's inside you, really inside you.
The tiny part of you that is buried beneath the day to day and the mechanical doing that makes up the biggest part of us all.
But inside this is the belief, the heart and the thing that keeps us ticking.
The Buddhists practice a thing called mindfulness.They also believe in an empty mind open  for meditation and a space for nothingness.
Within that quiet can be found the belief and the core, Your inner faith. It may not be an established religion, it may not be clothed in incense,rich robes or song.
But it doesn't have to be.
A faith in who or what we are/ can  be.
Established religions are just that, money and  influence that gives them respectability and power.
But within that there can be someones faith.
It is a personal thing.
My beliefs may not match yours nor should they. We are all different.
But for me my faith,my beliefs resonate within my heart and inner child.
They make me who and what I am or strive to be.
I don't always listen because I am human, but when I do its there just waiting to be heard
By me


laoi gaul~williams said...

beautiful :)

...i am back by the way ;)

KatieJane said...

I don't always listen either, but when I do I know it's the real thing.

Rosie said...

So well said!

Leanne said...

from the heart, Amber x

Blue Witch said...

I take the best bits from anything I can find. The bits from Buddhism are those you mention.

Any religion that requires the contribution of money is against my religion. Belief should not require payment.

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