January 23, 2013

A park in monochrome with added colour for interest

Today we ventured out for some fresh air. Luckily we found a disabled car space very close to where I wanted to be.

Although we are currently snowless(thankfully) there is some all around us.

 I love pictures like this where it looks as though I have been snapping in black and white.
 with slight tints of copper
 and moss green
 It reminds me of old photo albums, a frozen moment
 Glimpses of other places as you turn a corner
 Then home and the start of a one pot dinner. We found some candy beetroot yesterday in Booths and I thought it may add a little colour and taste to the savoury bean pot . Lots of different vegetables and beans and 3 tiny hot chorizo sausages sweated with ginger and garlic to begin
 The flowers are all in full bloom now and add a little colour to the Buddhas dark corner
 When you are sitting of an evening they release their perfume, just a slight aroma permeating the house.


Steve_Barker said...

Love the Ashton Memorial, used to take the kids there many years ago, when we lived in Grange.

Blue Witch said...

Celery ginger and beetroot, all in one pot. Mr BW would hate it! Other than coconut and flaked almonds, those are the only foods he dislikes.


Could be a penalty if there are too many Rule Transgressions!!!

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