January 21, 2013


On various blogs before Yule and around the new year I've seen people chose a word for the year and on other blogs talk of a positivity pot to record good things throughout the year and the idea is that at the end of the year when you empty the pot you see all the good things that happened.

The ideas sat there obviously stewing in my head and about 2 weeks ago when settling down to sleep the word JOY turned up in my head.
Next morning the word was still there and the pot had joined it so what could I do but listen?

My idea is to try and see or have some joy in my life each day. Joy doesn't have to be massive, tiny things can bring as much joy as large events. I think the idea is an awareness which coincidentally also  harps back to some of my previous posts about how much of our day to day life is lived mechanically and by habit rather than with awareness.

Many moons ago I used to make abundance pots for people. Handmade and hand dyed felt with certain things inside. This pot idea strikes me a lot of being similar. An abundance of Joy.

I think also that if I put slips of paper in with the joyous happening then on very bad days I can close my eyes, dip in and relive a joyous moment. I am sure that will help lift the day.
I haven't worked out the logistics  at the moment. I am going to put on the slip of paper what the joyous thing was but no dates or such. Just something like 'saw the first lambs' (last week)

It strikes me that it is very much a journal but in individual slips of paper rather than a book. I do still have an art journal and in fact starting this blog post inspired me to do a couple of pages. I also pulled out an old journal page that made me smile.

I think sometimes we forget the small joys when something negative comes to the fore.

It is snowing here but not sticking, massive snowflakes that spiral down in front of the window then disappear into thin air.


Mary said...

What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

Blue Witch said...

Lovely idea, but I can't do that - I'd become obsessive about listening out for my word all the time! I'm bad enough with less/fewer misuse/abuse, Mr BW would go mad if I was wittering on about others too!

Anonymous said...

I did this word challenge for a few years. Lots of fun. I love your journal pages.

sulkycat said...

Lovely - especially the purple and the orange pages, I really like those. Joy is a good word to work from. Hugs xx

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