January 01, 2013

New year

Happy new year again:)
The new year has started with sunshine, I am hoping that is a start of brighter days with a little less rain

As it was so bright we decided to have a little stroll in the local park and feed the birds. The chestnut buds are starting to grow and the fungi as you can see

I love primulas, they bring a welcome glow to the woodlands at this time of year
 We weren't just feeding the birds, the squirrels have to eat as well and they loved the peanuts in shells. They always amuse me as they try to fit several into their mouths at the same time

This tree is so vibrant it lights up the undergrowth
 and so do these

 in all the colours. They have been growing under the trees in the park for many years

I also decided it was time to show you some of the shawls I have finished lately.

This one is a pattern called wingspan and is a fabulously simple design but looks stunning finished as I'm sure you will agree
 This yarn is from the Knitting Goddess and is her same difference yarn in the bumble bee colourway

 This shawl is my favourite pattern Pamuya and the yarn is from a fabulous new dyer Woo sheeps.
I love the colour ways not just for the colour but for the unusual names both of the  yarn bases and the colour ways. This is Dick yarn and the colourway is Stupid Boy. Why stupid boy? The colour way is lavenders, anyone remember Dads Army? Pike (Ian Lavender) was always called stupid boy by the captain:) It is refreshing to see a dyer with a sense of humour as well as a great sense of colour. Other yarn bases up to now are Tom, George, Cyril. I think you get the idea? Go and check them out, you wont be disappointed. I am looking forward to the fibre that they hope to have on sale soon. I particularly like that  there will be repeatable colourways as well as one off colours.

This next shawl is Dragonfly wings pattern and made in Faery wings mohair/silk from Fyberspates. Isn't it lush?

I haven't made any resolutions as such but I do hope to blog more regularly as well as get back to creating fabric and paper art. And you never know maybe even some femmes.


ClaireEJ said...

Wingspan looks stunning blocked like that! I adore Pamuya in the lavender, clever name too for the yarn.
Happy new year honey. Hope to see you very soon.xx

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy New Year to you both! Wishing you all the best in 2013!

Blue Witch said...

Happy New Year to you both.

Shawls are beautiful, as ever.

Spindlers2 said...

Lovely shawls!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you blogging again. Lots of issues with computers here but after many months things seem to be settling down. I wore the beautiful shawl that I was lucky enough to won in your giveaway at Yule and it received many compliments which I in turn send to you.
Very best wishes

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