February 19, 2012

Mother of the small mysteries

The title reflects thoughts and ponderings of late. Mother of the mysteries, or of small mysteries not sure yet. Although big or small they are still the mysteries. The what ifs? the strange occurrences we see in life.
I'm hankering after making a doll with the title Mother of the mysteries, I've put a few ideas down in my journal and will add to them as the days go by before actually starting to create her. Colours, decoration and materials all to be thought of. This doll seems to be quite an important character and does not want to be rushed.
I promised some pictures and here is the latest finished shawl modelled by Dorothea. Yarn is dyed by me and reflects the element of air and inspiration and the colours of Imbolc white and gold. I sort of followed a pattern but there was lots of yarn left so I carried on until I'd used it all. Will be nice and warm with the length I think. The yarn is fingering weight from Louet and has a slight cotton feel to me. I dyed 2 lots of this the other is currently on the needles and is a grey with squiggles of shocking pink and hyacinth. Looks better than it sounds.

There is  a bobble effect on this shawl and I haven't done them for over 40 years I don't think. One of the favourite patterns I knit my children when babies was a jacket, done in blackberry stitch as it was called. Looked similar to this. I loved the pattern so much I think I made around 8 tops for my children and several more for my sisters child born 3 days before my son.
 I have always loved knitting since I was a very small child, some crochet but not patterns per se. Mainly granny squares and large granny square blankets and cushions. Made an awful lot of them over the years. When we lived on a narrowboat I made primary colour cushions and throws in crochet mohair for the seats. Used to look very bright and colourful.
Today has been absolutely gorgeous and there is snow on the tops of the hills again making it fairly cool. But it made for wondrous views from the seafront.
 Tide was in and was very quiet after the gales and high seas of previous weeks.
 I think you can just see the snow on the very tops?

Last night we went to a 50th birthday party for my cousins partner. A surprise party no less and went well. I think there where some 28 of us all waiting for the birthday boys return from his day of golf. He was truly stunned when he walked in to see us all there. My cousin had arranged for his sister and her husband to fly over from Ireland and his cousin to come up from Essex I think? My cousin is more of a sister than my actual siblings so I always love seeing her. We never go out much of an evening so this was a rare occurrence for the moggies. We didn't stay late but enjoyed it never the less.

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laoi gaul~williams said...

sunshine...its shining here today so i hope it is with you today!

your shawl is so beautiful...its making me think i need to get out of my comfort zone and try something different...

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