February 18, 2012


Love takes many forms and is a mystery with it.
Bot no mystery about this Valentines Day. Mr Mog received 19 cards and several gifts by mail and many more virtual Valentines.
I can't tell you how emotional we both were. That someone had organised this for him (a very dear friend who shall be nameless) and that people all over the country had taken the time to buy or in many cases make a card for him. Most of these people we have never met ,yet ,but they are very much appreciated none the less.
We all need love in our lives it helps when things are bad as well as good.
This week has been a messy one, Mr Mog had his 3monthly hormone injection one day and then Friday the scan. We were at hospital for 11am for his injection then had to go back at 3 for the actual scan. We were both apprehensive about the injection as he had major problems with the last one and had to have oxygen. We needn't have worried, the radiologist was excellent and so much better than the last one.
I know we had both lost sleep over the appointment but what a relief when it was done.
Next scans are in 2 weeks then back to oncologist for result mid March.
Today the sun is shining and it is so much brighter than it has been for past 10 days.
I hope to have finished knitting to show soon, watch this space:)


Ashling said...

Such love you've both inspired...and love is good medicine.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a beautiful photo! I'm glad all went well at the hospital.

Blue Witch said...

What a wonderful display of cards!

Glad the hospital appointments weren't as awful as they might have been. I too have had the bad reactions with the dye on occasions.

We have rain here.

Puddytat purr said...

We sent cards (virtual in my case) because we love you both xxx

Hope all continues to go well

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