March 03, 2012

March already

How did it get to be March already? Seems no time since Yule and now Spring Equinox is just around the corner. We haven't been doing much chez Moggies but in a good way not a bad. In some ways we are biding time waiting for the oncology appointment before we get on with the next stage of having fun. Mr Mog was supposed to have his CT scan yesterday to go with the other scan last week. Sadly the hospital rang early in the day to say it had been cancelled. The machine was broken and was expected to be out of commission until at least Tuesday. I rang them later on to confirm they had our mobile number for when they arrange a new appointment, this will hopefully avoid us sitting in waiting for the telephone to ring.
While on the phone I mentioned that all results were needed for the 16th for the Oncology appointment, they didn't know this so it was a good thing I rang otherwise the appointment could have been a waste of time if no full results.
We have had the talk about the appointment and what Mr Mog wants to do regarding treatment even if he doesn't take up the offer of the drug trial.
Obviously it isn't my body so my input can only be minimal. It is Mr Mog's decision to make. We don't avoid the discussion of cancer and treatments neither do we keep talking about it. I feel it is important to view it as just a part of our life and if we have our way then it is a very small part.
But, this appointment will spell out what options there are.
Mr Mog has decided that he doesn't want any treatment, thank you very much ,while he is feeling relatively well and pain free.
Should that change then of course he would consider going down the chemo route.
But as he pointed out it doesn't  guarantee to prolong your life it is all maybes and he feels that maybes with a side order of ailments isn't good enough. He wants a good death after a good life.
And you know what?
I agree, I want to keep my darling husband as is for as long as I can. and yes it is selfish:)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Such big questions. Such sensible answers. Yay Moggies!

Suzi Smith said...

selfish in the best possible way :-) sending my love to you both with all the positive healing vibes xo

Suzi Smith said...

selfish in the best possible way :-) sending my love to you both with all the positive healing vibes xo

Freyalyn said...

No point having definite horrible side effects without definite benefits! fingers crossed for you both.

Blue Witch said...

Good choices.

Hope they've got the CT scanner back in commission now. It always amazes me why NHS hospitals don't invest in better service contracts for their essential apparatus.

Fingers (and toes) crossed.

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