February 01, 2012

Annual silent poetry reading for Brigid

Here is my contribution to the Imbolc celebrations in honour of the Goddess Brigid. Goddess of poetry among other things.

My path is mine. It belongs to me alone
The way shines inside should I choose to follow
A shining beacon of love and ligh
not easy or fast but right for me
I just need the courage of the Goddess to take the first step
not rushing to the end but enjoying my journey
In Brigid's hands there is no need for fear.

My other contribution  is from Earthkind by Brian Boothby and Glennie Kindred.

Blue Morning

Dawn backlights the mountains, silver frost on the land
Morning winter landscape, thrill like contraband
ducks spring from the water, gulls wail on the wing
music in ice crackles as blue silence begins to sing

and I'm traveller, yawning and stretching, walking in the light
hoar frost gathers on my feet, i breathe a breath of white
red the blood runs rich, black the trees are bare
blue morning weaves my soul with the magic of the air

horizons shift,colours merge, movement all around
curlew calls the tide-change, the hawk surveys the sound
its hard sometimes to come to terms with nothing staying still
but no two mornings ever dawned alike, I'm sure they never will

Brians site is here should you wish to explore further

1 comment:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Two beautiful poems! Imbolc blessings to you and Mr. Mog.

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