February 07, 2012

Imbolc full moon

A stunning full moon rising above the house, truly spectacular . It really defines this turn of the wheel. I am glad to see it as a sign of hope and a light.

Mr Mog has decided not to take part in the drug trials the oncologist gave us details of. There was just a 50% chance of getting the new drug and the side effects were not nice. It would have been given alongside a steroid and after adding the 2 Sets of side effects together he decided not to take part. The drug wasn't a cure just a "possibility" of a longer life. As mr M said he didn't want a longer life if it was at such a cost and I agree with him. He has to have more scans next week to see how far the disease has spread through his bones. Then back mid March for next appointment.
We are focusing on each day and that is enough at the moment.


Roobeedoo said...

A difficult decision to make, but you have to do what feels right for you both. I often wonder if FL would be feeling better if he hadn't gone along with the present drug regime. But you can't undo something like that!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Quality of life is just as important as quantity, isn't it? Enjoy gazing on the full moon's beauty.

Guzzisue said...

(((hugs))) for both of you from Guzzisue and Wikkidknitter xxx

Down by the sea said...

It must be so hard for you both to have to make such a decision but as Roobeedoo saids you need to do what you think is right for you.

I have always found in difficult times to try and find something good in every day.

I'll be thinking of you both next week with another visit to the hospital.

Blue Witch said...

I am so pleased that Mr Mog has decided not to be a human lab rat: brave decision, but, he's a brave man, and understands how these things work. Well done for understanding and supporting that decision; I know it it can't be easy for either of you.

Watching a good friend's mother (who had breast cancer) take part in 5 different drug trials (all with awful side effects) made me strongly believe that pharmaceutical companies have no-one's best interests at heart but their own. I often wonder how her quality of life might have been different had she let her body take its own course and fight its own battles, rather than fill it with chemicals, hoping for a miracle cure.

Much love and strength to you both.

Leanne said...

its absolutely right thatquality outweighs quantity, and also absolutely right that MrMog follows his own gut feelings. I salute his bravery, and you for being so stalwart at his side Amber.

with love as always, Leanne x

(ps my blog has moved again, follow the link from my name)

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