September 02, 2010

Shawls and yarn

 There has been knitting chez Moggie and with my own handspun:) Another Shaelyn shawl, somewhat larger this time and shades of purples/fuchsias. I knew i didn't have enough of one handspun to do a large shawl so I mixed three different ones. I love the effect of them. No idea where this will be going yet.

Then I did some spinning. There are 788 yards here and 176g so pretty fine.

They yarn is one ply of Southern Cross fibre, shade glacier and 1 ply of Ashford Merino silk shade cinnamon. I've enough of the fibres left to do at least another 1000yards but I'm having a break from it and spinning something bright.
The weather here is glorious, very warm and sunny. I'm enjoying sitting in the garden watching the bees and the butterflies collecting from the flowers.


Fiona said...

Inspired mixing of yarns for your new shawl - must make you think fondly of autumnal weather?

Fiona said...

Inspired mixing of colours in your new shawl. It must almost make you feel a longing for autumnal weather - so you can start wearing it!

Sue Simpson said...

Oh how gorgeous is that! Is the Purple and Fuchia one for sale? If it is can you email me with a price and I'll send a cheque ;o)
I just love it!
Love, the Pixie xxx

Roobeedoo said...

Phwoar! Gorgeous shawl and yarn!

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