September 12, 2010

Down in the forest Pamuya is rising

I've finished the most fabulous shawl:) The pattern is Pamuya which is Hopi for moon hence the blog post title:)
What a fantastic well written pattern. I had to do an abbreviated version as I didn't have enough yarn for the full pattern but I've cast on another and I'd love to do one in Wollmeise if I can get some:)
 What I really like about the pattern is that after every single section the number if stitches is given. Very helpful for those of us new at lace:)
 It is so good to find patterns that are well written and that make sense. Oh and that have written instructions for those of us chart challenged.
We were supposed to be away this weekend but sadly I started feeling yuck yesterday and after a night with no sleep I had to give in and say we weren't going. I've lost my voice, burning throat, headache and general flu symptoms. What makes it worse is that the sun is shining and it is lovely and warm. Sitting in the garden isn't the same.


Sue Simpson said...

Beautiful shawl....but disappointed for you that you never got away...I was looking forward to hearing all about it.
Hope you feel better real soon hunny. I won't ring and bother you till mid week.
Love and bright blessings,
Sue xxx

mel said...

gorgeous shawl!!

hope you feel better soon!!


Lynn said...

Amber the shawl is so lovely! The colors are amazing, too. Sorry you aren't feeling as well as you would hope for. I see the amber necklace peeking above the shawl is lovely, too. May your discomfort decrease. Lynn

Vicky said...

Wow that is beautiful!! Hope you feel better again soon xx

Blue Witch said...

Hope you're doing nothing as the doctor ordered, and are on the mend.

Beautiful patttern, stunning result.

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