September 15, 2010

Giveaway winner:)

I've been very remiss. I posted at the beginning of August and offered a giveaway of my handspun yarn to someone.
giveaway post
There were lots of comments and Mr Mog has chosen a winner.

As you can see there is slightly more yarn in the giveaway than I originally said. This is because it is a year almost since Mr mog started spinning and he decided to add 2 skeins to the pot. He has wound them ready for knitting and if you want the others winding P~H let me know:)
Congratulations:) and thank you everyone for entering.

1 comment:

Priestess~Harper said...

Wow! Oh wow! I'm all excited. :) Thank you ever so much, Mr & Mrs Mog. *grin* And yes please, I'd love to have them wound.

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