June 12, 2010

Gardens and Vixen shawl

Today is not a good day pain wise. In fact it has not been a good week for me and pain, it has definitely been winning the battle.
However, the sun is shining and the garden is looking lovely. I thought you might like to see what is growing.
If you aren't interested in gardens then the shawl pictures are at the end.

We only have a small garden but Mr Mog has worked wonders with the space.

Here you see mange tout growing and flowering alongside some pink fir apple potatoes and a bamboo friends gave us last week.

Heuchera, Acer, lungwort (pulmenaria) in front of the new water feature built by Mr Mog. I love the way the water just ripples.

This is a cheapie plastic greenhouse from Wilkinsons, I think it cost £40 which for a 6ft x 4ft space is good. Came complete with shelving as well. We have several varieties of tomato, peppers and chilli peppers
The loosestrife has just flowered today, we did have the purple one as well but it hasn't made it through the winter sadly.
More varieties of potato and a tub of beetroot.
Another greenhouse,this one holds 3 tomato plants and a tub of basil in front. The middle tomato isn't doing too well it is a plum one. For some reason they never do as well for us.
More herbs
yet more, the flowers on the chives taste as good as the stalks.
Sage flowers

This rose is only 1 year old and we weren't sure if it had come through the winter as it is grown in a tub, I'm glad to say it has and the perfume is wonderful.
The vixen shawl is finished and what I hadn't realised when knitting it is how much the colours remind me of foxes.

A very easy knit, I did a few extra pattern rounds as the hand spun yarn was quite fine and the shawl looked a little too short originally.
I don't often make this style of shawl but I loved it and I've cast another on already in some glittery purple I spun. I'm going to tweak the pattern this time and and add some stocking stitch sections as well.
What do you think?


Sea said...

The shawl is beautiful!
My herbs are thriving, perhaps I should use more of them...the parsley is looking luxurious.

aniexma said...

Love the shawl - the colours are gorgeous in the sunshine against the green in your garden.

laoi gaul~williams said...

a lovely garden~and you are doing so much veg in pots! we also have a small garden~this year i am only doing tomatos, peas and blueberries in pots. i have a big wooden veggie box in which i am growing baby spinich abd turnips to use as salad greens (oh and i sowed cut and come again salad around the base of my blueberry! i have one solitary cucumber in the boarder~my first ever as an experiment! my herbs are scattered around the boarders~sage, pineapple mint, marjoram, lemon balm, mint, rosemary. i am hoping to do much more veg in pots next year.
hope you are feeling better soon

Blue Witch said...

Fantastic! All of it... and your greenhouse is so neat. I am jealous...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

pip said...

I've only just read this post so I hope the pain has faded... and your herbs are thriving... happy summer solstice :)

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